21st Century Emotional Palette, Part I: Symphony in A for Apathy

I: Adagietto
Apathy is a psychological disease.

the absence of any desire to do anything,
condition will exacerbate if left untreated,
fatal indifference may develop.

being active and remaining active,
in opposition to all symptoms.

maybe tomorrow.

II: Adagio
Apathy is a black hole
in my chest.
My body and being collapsing
in upon itself.
All actions outward movements I cannot make, as
inward-pulled as I am,

Stars of ambition, initiative, and drive burn brightly above me—
beautiful, life-creating orbs gleaming in the heavenly firmament.

I feel ashamed.
And am depressed.

I’m afraid.
I’m afraid that it is growing stronger,
denser, more
inescapable, feeding on every
indecision and
in my life.

III: Larghetto
Inertia: the property of a body by which it maintains its present state, be it a state of motion or rest, unless acted upon by outside forces.

Entropy: the property of an isolated system by which it tends towards disorder and a homogenous distribution of energy that makes all work impossible.

Physics: explaining the presence of apathy since the late 18th, early 19th century.

IV: Largo
Apathy, lethargy, languor, and sloth,
Indolence, lassitude, laziness, dross!
Stuporous ennui’s, torpid maladies,
Apathy, lethargy, languor, and sloth.
Strange that for such an impeding disease
Words for it roll of the tongue with such ease.

V: Lento
My apathy is so monumental
That I am mesmerized
By the momentum
Of mountains.

VI: Grave
Apathy is a beast,
a predator,
lurking in the high grass.

It preys on the sick and the weak,
consuming their muscles

It rests under shady trees
in plain sight of its prey,
yawning to reveal its toothless maw.

There is no boom and bust cycle for apathy.
Apathy feeds.
And apathy spreads.

VII: Larghissimo
I am as apathetic
as a starfish.

My only hope
that when my limbs rot off,
like a starfish,
I can grow them back.

I have sunk
to abyssal depths.

VIII: Larghississimo
It has been so long
since I last moved
from this seat.

I have become
a corpse.
I have rotted

People spray me
with Febreze
as they pass.

I am a disgrace
to life.
I am a stain
on a sofa.

They’ll sell this

IX: Infiniment lent
I am stranded in the Sea of Apathy
And make no effort to tread the water.

I am sinking in the Sea of Apathy
And make no effort to break the surface.

I am drowning in the Sea of Apathy
And make no effort to hold my breath.

My lungs are full of apathy
And I am dead inside.

X: Eternelle

XI: Andante
Went for a walk today.
Feel productive.

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