7 Days / 7 Poems for Valentine’s: Visions from the Riptide

Light reflects
the object manifests
colors form.
Perhaps the light refracts
or diffracts

Oceanic swells of vision crash ‘cross our eyes—
jellyfish buffeted,
ripped asunder,
by the prismatic froth—
swiftly sweeping blinded brains in undertow to
drown, aureoled.

But ‘midst this seething sea of sight
there is you:
a solitary stream of light;
a lone tide pool
undisturbed by the bright tempest,
still, serene
matchless in its god’s-light glory.

My lizard-brain longs to bask on your
silken sun-soaked sands;
flash-fire my freezing flesh in your
heat-sheltering cove.
I would these things.
But I am immured
deep within this cold, abyssal sea,
and the lightless moon
has no power over absent tides.

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