7 Days / 7 Poems for Valentine’s: Let Me Unwrap You

I need your love like a diabetic needs candy—
love so sweet I’ll lose a foot, or both, to my addiction—
but a man must be willing to make the tough choices.


I offered my love,
but you’re not ready.
That’s perfectly fine.
Fold and pocket me—
I’ll wrap the lint ‘round
like a comforter
so to hibernate.

One day, stuck to keys,
I’ll tumble on out
unbidden, forgot—
like a sweet stolen
from the bank’s treat jar—
and you’ll remember
my tender offer.


You’re the

Hard Candy

in the goodies-bowl of life.

I have eyes for no other.

4 thoughts on “7 Days / 7 Poems for Valentine’s: Let Me Unwrap You

    1. Thrilled to hear you appreciate it! Can’t claim to know what I’m doing–no knowledge of poetic theory and all. To be candid, always worried my poetry was amateur hour, a mere aping of the greats. Hell, what even makes great poetry? Emotional resonance, wit, creative architecture of sound?


  1. delicious words that take you somewhere, image, emotion, mystery, confusion. you immediately want to read it again. the words can be formed, formulated, unformulated all different ways. yours tell a story, words just right.


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