7 Days / 7 Poems for Valentine’s: The Garden of (un)Earthly Delights

[Note: for #TBT, one of my first poems (from ages ago.) Also note, this is a parody, read accordingly.]

If all the tears I’ve cried had flowered
I would search their ceaseless ranks
For the bloom that would engender
The purest thoughts of Spring.

It unto you I would deliver
So your warmth could be its sun
And your breath, a cool breeze blowing,
Its sweetened air could be.

And ne’er would our flower wither
Testament to our true love.
Sadly, all the tears I’ve cried, though,
I’ve cried them all for you.

I see your face forever frozen
Terror flashing in your eyes
From my grasp your soft hands slipped, slow,
And ne’er breathed you once more.

And so my garden green must wither
As the darkness ‘round me grows
Would that I could feel your love now
Before my sun sinks low.

Yet wait! What joy is this? A flower
Blooms amidst the rotten rank
Glowing with a lustrous beauty
Oh! that eternal springs.

As I glance up, what joy is mine now!
From the gloom you fast appear
Bird-like flies my heart free flowing
‘Round you, my sky so clear.

What matter if this be but dreams here?
Gladly will I play the fool!
I know no joy that’s greater than
The joys I feel with you.

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