7 Days / 7 Poems for Valentine’s: Come Slake my Desert Solitude

Alluring daughter of Set,
the hearts of men find their doom
‘midst the sensuous silhouette of your windswept curves,
as they seek, desperate, the oasis of your love
to save themselves from their desire.

Your soft, sunset tresses,
like the striated curves of flood-carved slots,
swirl in silken chaos ‘round
your gypsum visage.

And though your eyes—
a lonely pair of soothing sagebrush, lost
in blue shadows—
whisper of cool intimacy

the flash of your blaze-beaming smile
unleashes the full heat of your desert splendor
‘gainst the thirsting hearts of men.

Divine daughter of Set,
though he be god of the barren wastes,
you, magic vision of the variegated desert,
are the sole goddess of my soul,
through life, through death.

[Note: Apologies for yesterday. Remind me never to post poems/pictures from >3 years ago. Also, stay tuned. Tomorrow’s the grand finale, an erotic poem that kicked my ass all week because I decided to give it one hell of a restrictive form, one that practically makes a sestina look like child’s play.]

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